Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Companies - 2018

Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA): Intelligent End-to-End Forensics and eDiscovery Solutions

Jason Park, VP of Digital Forensic Services, Business Intelligence Associates, IncJason Park, VP of Digital Forensic Services
When Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA) was established in 2002, the focus of the founders was clear: Create tools and processes that can easily and efficiently find and analyze relevant data from computerized systems. Little did they know that the idea they started with from a three-room office would soon transform into something extraordinary.

The genesis was simple—the prevailing data collection options were unnecessarily complex, burdensome, and expensive. BIA’s first solution to that problem, DiscoveryBOT, was created to find and collect the right data from the right people in a way that was much more efficient and cost-effective than other solutions in the market. Over the years, as BIA built many fully managed, end-to-end data solutions for corporations, law firms and government agencies, the firm has become a premier eDiscovery and digital forensics solutions provider, and it is still a leading innovator in the industry.

“Digitization, social media influence and the BYOD trend have become massive headaches for organizations looking to preserve data and BIA has evolved to be one step ahead in solving these issues,” says Jason Park, BIA’s VP, Digital Forensic Services. With the ability to provide comprehensive, defensible, and secure computer forensics and eDiscovery services, today BIA routinely conducts seamless digital forensic investigations and in-depth forensic analysis for matters of all sizes and complexities. “From common computer forensic investigations, looking at events such as inappropriate behavior, existing employees’ actions and other HR issues, to complex intellectual property thefts and hacking incident investigations, we provide comprehensive forensics services for each category,” adds Park.

BIA’s set of robust forensic tools, of course, includes a wide array of specialized tools, like Encase, X-Ways, Forensic Toolkit, Magnet Axiom and IEF, Cellebrite, and more— ensuring that data can be collected defensibly, analyzed and thoroughly investigated. Park also explained that BIA can work with data on any medium—computers, hard drives, mobile phones, cameras, backup tapes, social media, web browsers and more, including proprietary systems and technology.

We have people who have been associated with us for decades and this gives us the extra edge to serve our clients with best-of-breed technology and unique expertise

BIA also assists companies on criminal and civil litigation with its social media discovery services. Staffed with both licensed private investigators and digital forensics professionals, Park’s team collects, indexes and analyzes data from various social media platforms in real time. MD5 hash values of individual items are calculated upon capture and maintained throughout the process, and key metadata unique to social media and web streams are captured through deep integration with APIs, all to ensure defensibility and assist with admissibility at trial.

BIA can also perform broad, unified searches across multiple accounts, social media streams, and websites to tag and collect data, all following eDiscovery, and investigative industry standards. Unlike archiving and image capture techniques used by others, BIA’s approach provides a case-centric workflow from search and collection through production in a fully searchable native format that preserves critical metadata that’s simply not possible through image capture or printouts. They also can conduct proactive monitoring of social media accounts and websites to capture changes to posts where appropriate.

BIA puts particular emphasis on hiring certified computer forensics technicians who can find and examine data in any form, from any location. The firm’s unique value lies in combining knowledge with technology. “We have people who have been associated with us for decades and this gives us the extra edge to serve our clients with best-of-breed technology and unique expertise,” informs Park. Moving ahead, the firm aims to introduce a portal that will give clients the ability to view the current stage of an investigation in real time, and it has plans for continued growth in its services, technologies and reach. Park and his team demonstrate why the company is known for providing top-notch services to its clients.