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Bret Padres, CEO, The Crypsis GroupBret Padres, CEO
Cyber threats are growing as the world becomes increasingly digital and interconnected, with network intrusions and major data breaches now occurring on a daily basis. While most enterprises are aware of the need to create an optimal security infrastructure that will blunt these attacks and protect their operations and sensitive data, they also face challenges in developing and maintaining the deep understanding of cybersecurity techniques that is required to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated threat actors and ever-evolving security-related technologies and approaches. Accordingly, many organizations are turning to outside specialists whose stock-in-trade is to help them improve their digital security posture, manage the risks and threats associated with cybercrime, and when necessary, respond to cyberattacks and minimize their damage.

One consulting firm that is growing rapidly in this environment is The Crypsis Group. The company’s seasoned team of nearly 100 cybersecurity experts is on a mission to create a safer online world by providing its clients with the highest quality incident response, risk management, and digital forensics services.

Crypsis consultants respond to all manner of incidents including ransomware, business email compromise, web server compromise, credit card scraping, and state sponsored intrusions.

In many cases, the company is introduced to a client that is in the throes of dealing with a cyberattacks. When that happens, says Crypsis CEO, Bret Padres, “our objective is to respond quickly and verify that the attack has occurred, identify how it happened, eliminate the threat, and then apply a layer of sustainable threat protection solutions to prevent further intrusions.”

There is a lot we can do to build a more effective cybersecurity program for clients and thereby reduce opportunities for a cybercriminal or other threat actor to gain access to a network

Because time is of the essence and the client is typically under a great deal of stress, Crypsis has developed a system that enables its experts to immediately and remotely collect the client’s data, analyze it to evaluate the attack, and take prompt actions to stop the attack and eliminate the intruder from the network. Once that is accomplished, the firm works with the client to develop a strategy for shoring up its cybersecurity infrastructure.

Ideally, however, the company strives to serve its clients before an incident occurs. “Our experts will examine and study clients’ working environment and security posture, with an eye toward determining how they can harden their defenses against cyberattacks and better manage their overall cyber risk,” says Padres. “There is a lot we can do for clients to help them build a more effective cybersecurity program and thereby reduce opportunities for a cybercriminal or other threat actor to gain access to a network.”

In addition to battling threat actors from the far corners of the so-called “dark web,” Crypsis experts are often called in to investigate insider threat cases, typically involving employees exploiting their authorized access to steal intellectual property or cause damage to company systems and information. In one recent case, Crypsis was approached by a company that suspected an ex-employee had stolen proprietary data and was going to sell it to a competitor. The Crypsis consultants analyzed the ex-employee’s laptop and discovered that they had transferred a huge amount of data to their own cloud account. Using this as evidence, the client obtained a judge’s restraining order to prevent the data from reaching its competitor.

Crypsis has many such client success stories to tell, having handled 650 data breach cases in 2018 alone and expecting to address more than a thousand cases this year—in addition to expanding its cyber risk management consulting practice— as it continues to add to its team of expert consultants.
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The Crypsis Group

The Crypsis Group

McLean, VA

Bret Padres, CEO

The Crypsis Group offers incident response, cyber risk management, and digital forensics services to enterprises that are looking to protect themselves from cyberattacks. The company responds to all manner of incidents including ransomware, business email compromise, web server compromise, credit card scraping, and state sponsored intrusions. Moreover, Crypsis has developed a system that enables its experts to immediately and remotely collect the client’s data, analyze it to evaluate the attack, and take prompt actions to stop the attack and eliminate the intruder from the network

The Crypsis Group News

Crypsis Appoints Leading Cyber Crime Investigator as Vice President

MCLEAN, Va The Crypsis Group which specializes in delivering cyber security incident response, risk management, and digital forensics services to companies and organizations of all sizes, today announced it has appointed Art Ehuan, a seasoned cyber security practitioner with a criminal investigations background, to join its senior management team as vice president.

Ehuan has widespread experience working with law enforcement officers in the U.S. and overseas on computer crime cases and has been on the front lines of developing and implementing cyber security investigative practices and law enforcement techniques. He has frequently given expert testimony in federal, military, and state courts on digital forensics and cyber crime matters. For the past 17 years he has served as a lecturer for the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Cyber Training Program and has conducted seminars for senior foreign government and law enforcement officials on cyber crime and terrorism.

Since 2012, Ehuan was managing director of the Global Cyber Risk Services practice at the management consulting firm Alverez & Marsal, where he led the firm’s client engagements on strategic cyber risk and protection strategies for both U.S. and international customers. He joined A&M when it bought Forward Discovery Inc, a firm he co-owned that specialized in strategic cyber threat mitigation, incident response, and digital investigations.

Previously he was an assistant vice president at the financial services company USAA, where, as director of the corporate information security department, he established the company’s digital forensic capability and developed advanced data security and incident reporting to identify, analyze, and mitigate cyber and regulatory risk. Prior to that, he led worldwide security for Northrop Grumman’s Corporate Assessment and Protection Department, where he was responsible for computer forensics, vulnerability assessment, and security architecture.

While at USAA and Northrup Grumman, Ehuan also served as a reservist special agent for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, where he conducted criminal, terrorism, and counter-intelligence cyber investigations in cases affecting Air Force and Defense Department systems. His law enforcement experience includes nine years as a supervisory special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he was responsible for managing cyber crime investigations impacting U.S. government and corporate systems, as well as helping formulate the policies and processes that regulate how the FBI conducts computer crime investigations.

Ehuan has also worked in information security positions at KPMG and Cisco Systems.

“Our efforts to build the world’s most experienced and accomplished cyber security and cyber risk management consulting team have evolved significantly with the hiring of Art Ehuan, who is widely recognized as a leading global expert on responding to ever-present and evolving digital threats,” said Crypsis CEO Bret Padres. “For nearly three decades he has been an influential player in the development of modern digital investigations and law enforcement practices and has helped a broad range of enterprises and organizations keep their most sensitive data out of the hands of cyber criminals.”

Delta Risk Partners with the Crypsis Group for Incident Response, Digital Forensics

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Delta Risk, a leading provider of SOC-as-a-Service and security services, announced that it has partnered with The Crypsis Group, a leading incident response, risk management, and digital forensics firm. Delta Risk will leverage The Crypsis Group’s expertise in incident response and risk management – including cases involving ransomware, business email compromise, web server compromise, credit card data theft, and state-sponsored attacks – and Crypsis Managed Security Services customers will benefit from security monitoring and management capabilities in Delta Risk’s cloud-native platform, ActiveEyeSM.

“Enterprise environments are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to secure, with the myriad of environments, security solutions and endpoints in the mix,” said Sam Rubin, Vice President, The Crypsis Group. “Many companies lack security professionals with specialized experience or would rather have their staff focus on other business-critical tasks. We are pleased to partner with Delta Risk to offer their expert services to our customers and take the management burden off their internal teams.”

“We’re excited to work with The Crypsis Group,” said Jason Peoples, Director of Partnerships, Delta Risk. “Their proven expertise in incident response and cyber-risk management, combined with our 24×7 security operations center (SOC) capabilities and our cloud native ActiveEye platform, offer a compelling solution set for companies that want cost-effective, transparent security capabilities while simplifying their security operations.”

Delta Risk’s SOC-as-a-Service model offers companies complete visibility into their cloud applications and infrastructure, as well as endpoint and network security activity, enabling faster response to cyber threats and reduced workloads on internal IT and security teams. Delta Risk also offers expertise in security services such as compromise assessments, penetration testing, and cyber security exercises.