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Dean Mancini, President and CEO, CYFI Dean Mancini, President and CEO
Important changes in the digital world over the last two decades have rendered digital evidence an indispensable tool for solving crimes and preparing for court proceedings. Even though digital evidence is a relatively new tool for attorneys and law-enforcement officials, they must rely on it heavily to interpret vital details on both victims and offenders. High-level digital forensics expertise is becoming an integral part of both a successful legal-career and a well-rounded legal-team. While lawyers do understand the importance of digital forensics, the legal profession as a whole has yet to cope with the ever-increasing amounts and scope of digital evidence. Helping address the challenges that the legal community’s enterprise clients face is a key objective of CYFI (Cybertek Forensics, Inc.)–a full-service digital forensics firm. CYFI is an affiliate of TDI Technologies, a defense contractor providing engineering and technology services to DOD Cybersecurity R&D projects nationwide.

CYFI was created in response to growing commercial needs in the cybersecurity and digital forensics space, leveraging TDI’s existing R&D capabilities. "CYFI addresses diverse problems associated with digital forensics with a core team of seasoned cybersecurity experts including a former FBI digital forensics examiner," says Dean Mancini, President and CEO of CYFI. As a leading digital forensics service provider, one of the key elements of CYFI offerings is a focus on educating lawyers and business leaders on the significance of digital forensics for litigations. The company provides free continuing education courses and webinars covering a multitude of digital forensics and cybersecurity topics, including data/device protection, phishing, data theft, etc.

Organizations are adopting proactive steps to avoid security breaches and build a cybersecure environment as cybercrime continues to grow. Most companies have a dedicated IT department, but their IT personnel struggle to fully leverage digital forensics' capabilities to deal with cybersecurity incidents such as IP theft, data recovery, and more.

CYFI addresses diverse problems associated with digital forensics with a core team of seasoned cybersecurity experts including a former FBI digital forensics examiner

In such cases, CYFI's team steps in and helps the organization deal with the incidents effectively and efficiently. CYFI also helps individuals who look for professional assistance to deal with various cybersecurity issues such as suspicious applications, installed viruses, worms, ransomware, tracking apps and advises their clients to engage law-enforcement agencies as necessary.

When a new client comes to CYFI with specific digital forensics need, the firm provides a free consultation to get started. During the consultation, CYFI team explores the issue in depth and educates the client about the situation. This encourages the client to weigh all their options and choose the one with minimal roadblocks.

The organization adheres to stringent chain of custody guidelines. Furthermore, all forensics examinations are carried out in their state-of-the-art lab facility with industry-leading digital forensics tools. "While working with the clients, we use a four-step NIST recommended process consisting of collection, evaluation, analysis, and reporting," mentions Mancini.

Some of the main CYFI digital forensics work involves cases ranging from cyber stalking, harassment, and bullying – to recovery of deleted data and extraction of geolocation and other critical metadata–to email and cellphone records analysis. Whether for a private individual, law practice, or business, CYFI's examiners are able to provide clients with reports giving them the capability to take further action.

CYFI foresees vehicle forensics as a growing domain along with the continued growth of mobile device forensics. Furthermore, CYFI sees the continued explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) to be a growing concern for all law practices. IoT will not only mean newer and more devices to be investigated but also exponentially larger volumes of data to be forensically acquired and analyzed.
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Dean Mancini, President and CEO

CYFI (Cyber Forensic. Inc) is a digital forensics firm. CYFI is the sister company of TDI Technologies, an engineering and technology service and support provider for defense contractors working nationwide