Forensic Discovery: Best-in-Class Digital Forensics During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the way we conduct the litigation process and challenged U.S. workers to rethink and adjust to working outside of traditional corporate offices, perhaps for good. One-third of Americans are now working from home and relying predominantly on mobile devices to communicate and telework. In addition, city lockdowns and social distancing rules are impacting the way digital evidence can be collected or analyzed in legal cases. In many situations, cases are brought to a standstill as logistical and technical challenges plague the legal teams’ efforts to communicate, collect and preserve evidence according to federal or state court expectations. This means digital forensics experts are being tasked with finding a way to collect a growing amount of critical evidence from both personal and company-issued devices. These can be computers or mobile devices, including phones, tablets, smart watches and other devices.

Forensic Discovery, a technology services firm specializing in digital forensics, is utilizing innovative and forensically-sound methodologies to remotely collect data from mobile devices and perform best-in-class analyses while complying with federal-, state- or locally-mandated restrictions due to the pandemic. In fact, Forensic Discovery is known as one of the foremost digital forensics firms in the country for its ability to remotely capture mobile data from devices such as the iPhone, iPad, or the Android Galaxy. This mobile data, which often spans across multiple platforms – including texts, social media, voicemails, call logs, documents, website history and intellectual property (IP) – is proving to be even more complex in this new environment.

“The integrity of the data must be preserved, the data must be in a usable format, and — most importantly — can possibly be admitted as evidence. Whether evidence resides on a computer, mobile device or in the cloud, Forensic Discovery uses a unique proprietary method paired with investigative experience and remote collection capabilities to ensure that the data collected passes any potential admissibility challenges by opposing counsel,” says Trent Walton, President of Forensic Discovery.

The integrity of the data must be preserved, the data must be in a usable format, and — most importantly — can possibly be admitted as evidence

The Forensic Discovery team has the technical expertise to assist clients in capturing and preserving any type of evidence from mobile devices remotely -- no matter where the person or device is located geographically. After collecting evidence, the company extracts all relevant data for a flat affordable rate. The company’s clients have total remote control of the data with the ability to search and filter through the results. Forensic Discovery can also provide investigative findings through an expert affidavit, report or verbal testimony.

“The Forensic Discovery team helps our clients navigate complex technical situations and deliver valuable data in a usable format,” adds Walton.

In offering a real-word scenario, Walton mentions a case where Forensic Discovery was approached by a company to perform a high-profile internal investigation of an executive officer. Within a week, Forensic Discovery had remotely collected all the potential communications, including emails, voicemails and chat/text messages, between the executive and the specific employees. This evidence became the basis of the findings presented to the company’s board, which then allowed the company to act quickly and decisively.

With a focus on growth, the company strives to be one of the forerunners in the U.S. forensic data collections market.
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Forensic Discovery

Forensic Discovery

Denver, CO

Trent Walton, President

Forensic Discovery is a digital forensic services firm in the legal industry that specializes in eDiscovery technologies, including computer and mobile technologies, to support and enhance early-stage legal discovery. This includes computer forensic collection, computer forensic analysis, eDiscovery technology, early case assessment with NUIX, and Expert Witness-related work. Forensic Discovery assists in nearly all aspects of computer and mobile forensics. The company has the tools and expertise to help clients and their IT teams properly execute a "duty to preserve" requirements. This collaboration allows the Forensic Discovery team to provide forensic data collection on a wide variety of devices and platforms. The company has made significant investments in its forensic collection tools to provide industry-leading service and expertise for its clients