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Robert Kelso, Co-Founder & CEO, Forensic PursuitRobert Kelso, Co-Founder & CEO
Robert Kelso, a qualified expert witness in both District and Federal court, identified his passion for cyber forensics from a very young age. His eureka moment came when his brother, a civil attorney, approached him with a court case that required his expertise to analyze electronic evidence and give a professional opinion. He immediately visualized a huge market opportunity in the digital forensic investigation field. “There is a scarcity of trained professionals and effective services to interpret digital evidence in court cases,” mentions Kelso. Determined to bridge this skills gap, Kelso co-founded Forensic Pursuit. “We leverage our years of cyber forensics experience to help judges, attorneys and juries comprehend digital evidence,” states Kelso, CEO of Forensic Pursuit.

One of the biggest challenges that lawyers face while collecting evidence for a court case is tackling an enormous amount of data. To add to the plight, lawyers often need to gather this evidence as quickly as possible, or they run the risk of getting information that has been tampered with or permanently lost. Clients that perform “self-collections” often miss responsive data, leading to charges of ineffective or incomplete collections or spoliation. Sometimes, the data sets can be extensive and located in different parts of the country. The sudden influx of smart devices and the prevalence of data in “The Cloud” also make the digital evidence collection process more intricate. Forensic Pursuit effectively addresses all these challenges with ease, offering quick response time for evidence collection. “Our digital investigation experts can reach evidence sites, located anywhere in the U.S., within 1 to 24 hours,” informs Kelso. Acquiring data using qualified personnel results in complete and most importantly, defensible collection.

Although there is a fair amount of computer forensics software available in the market, Kelso believes that purchasing the right software only solves one part of the equation.

Our digital investigation experts can reach evidence sites, located anywhere in the U.S., 1 to 24 hours

Having skilled, experienced, licensed and certified analysts is equally significant if one strives to win a case. Forensic Pursuit, therefore, makes use of the most advanced license-based solutions available in the market along with the firm’s highly intelligent investigators trained in legal as well as forensic subjects to deliver accurate and credible testimony.

Besides data collection and investigation, Forensic Pursuit also undertakes professional consulting services, which include communicating with attorneys about the case and explaining the technical aspects of the same. However, explaining the intricate details of digital evidence to a lawyer in a simple and easy-to-understand way is the most challenging part for most cyber forensics’ technical experts. So, bridging this technical and legal gap has always been Forensic Pursuit’s primary concern. “What makes our services more attractive is our ability to explain the highly technical aspects of our job in a non-technical way and communicate with attorneys in a language they can understand,” says Kelso.

Today, Forensic Pursuit’s digital investigators boast many successful court trials. Kelso recounts one such story where a lawyer was trying to defend his client, alleged criminal charges. The accused had inadvertently deleted some text messages from his mobile phone, which represented crucial evidence for his defense. When the lawyer came onboard with Forensic Pursuit, “our team was able to recover the messages and produce them in the courtroom as evidence to prove his client’s innocence,” explains Kelso.

Divulging the company’s future roadmap, the CEO aims to expand their forensic services further nationwide. At the same time, the company is also planning to implement new methods of investigation that doesn’t require its digital experts to travel around the country for evidence collection.
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Forensic Pursuit

Forensic Pursuit

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Robert Kelso, Co-Founder & CEO and Chris Schmidt, Co-Founder & CTO Melinda Redenius, CBO

The company provides expert computer forensic investigation, preventative forensic, e-discovery and educational services to attorneys, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Established in 2006, Forensic Pursuit has become a leader in emerging forensic technology, setting standards of excellence at every level. Forensic Pursuit uses their years of cyber forensic experience in helping the judge, jury, and attorneys to completely understand digital evidence. The company’s clear professional reports are comprehensive and easy-to-understand, helping an attorney win a case, be it civil or criminal