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William Geimer, President and Brent C. Duckworth, Founding Partner, Iron Vine SecurityWilliam Geimer, President and Brent C. Duckworth, Founding Partner
In digital forensic investigations, “getting it right” involves more than simply arriving at the correct answer or outcome from a computer forensic examination. It also means producing findings that are adequately explained so that decision-makers can understand them. “With our extensive experience in digital forensics we have learned that the best technical findings in the world do not matter if they are poorly reasoned or explained,” said Brent Duckworth, Iron Vine Security founding partner. “Moreover, poorly written reports can lead to incorrect decisions, which can impact a person’s ability to earn a living. We take this responsibility very seriously and spend a significant amount of time on our reporting.”

As computing power and the prevalence of interconnected systems increases, so does the quantity of sensitive information and the amount of intellectual property requiring protection. Regardless of the amount or type of technology you throw at the problem, intrusions do occur in even the most secure organizations. Determined to help organizations manage risk to their systems, Iron Vine Security focuses on building practical programs that are right-sized to the organization and are consistently improving. “We help public and private sector clients secure their valuable assets and their sensitive data by leveraging our expertise in enterprise risk management and digital forensics,” said William Geimer, President of Iron Vine Security.

With a focus on the technical aspects of cybersecurity since its inception in 2008, the company builds result-driven programs for the U.S. Government and other organizations across several industry verticals. In support of their international clients, Iron Vine staff has worked in over 30 countries.

We help public and private sector clients to secure their valuable assets including systems, networks, and, most importantly, their sensitive data by leveraging our expertise in enterprise risk management and digital forensics

Cybersecurity program components include training, policy development, digital forensics, security operations, engineering, and project management. Because of their success, Iron Vine Security has grown exponentially from a three-member entity to a company with over 140 people under contract. The Iron Vine Security team also performs continuous monitoring, risk management framework development and compliance, and helps clients defend and monitor their networks with 24x7 Security Operations Centers.

The company prides itself on having many highly satisfied customers and is positioning its presence in the digital forensic space as the best choice for enterprises. As part of its growth and maturation, Iron Vine is investing in its corporate infrastructure by implementing quality management programs, including obtaining CMMI and ISO quality certifications. The company is also rolling out plans to enlarge its footprint in the financial, government, and healthcare spaces, as well as investing more this year in business development and training and technical certifications for its employees.

On the digital forensics front, Iron Vine Security’s certified examiners use specialized computer forensics investigation tools to answer client’s questions related to malicious, suspicious, and illicit activity on their networks and systems. According to Duckworth, “our computer forensic operations are based on strong governance and mature, repeatable procedures.” Iron Vine’s disciplined, structured, and defensible approach, as well as their determination to ensure the integrity and preservation of acquired evidence before, during, and after an investigation, helps clients understand the implications of forensic examinations and the importance of “getting it right.”

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Iron Vine Security Appraised at CMMI SVC Level 3, Further Validating Its Expertise in Cybersecurity and Enterprise IT Solutions

WASHINGTON- Iron Vine Security, a leading Washington, D.C.-based cybersecurity company, was appraised at level 3 of CMMI Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. The appraisal was performed by Advanced Network Technology Solutions, Inc.

An appraisal at maturity level 3 indicates that Iron Vine Security is performing with well defined, understood, clearly described standards, procedures, tools, and methods that govern its delivery of services.

"It's all about the value we deliver to our clients," stated Bill Geimer, President of Iron Vine Security, "The CMMI Level 3 SVC designation validates the rigorous, process-driven approach we take to delivering services. We're always working to improve and deliver greater value that makes a difference for our clients. This recognition comes at a pivotal time for Iron Vine as we continue our fast growth, hire talented new team members, and double-down on refining our own brand and message."

Iron Vine's CMMI appraisal follows closely on several major strategic initiatives, including a corporate rebrand and website launch that now enables the company to better communicate its value proposition, and better represent the innovation and advanced capabilities that Iron Vine customers have come to know and count on. Iron Vine has recently added subject matter experts in security operations, security engineering, and cyber threat intel. Iron Vine has grown organically through multi-year contracts with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Millennium Challenge Corporation. Iron Vine also recently earned the 2019 ACG Corporate Growth Award by ACG National Capital.

The CMMI SVC Level 3 appraisal validates that Iron Vine follows standardized processes that are implemented in accordance with established organizational policies in order to deliver high quality, consistent, and high value services to these clients.

Iron Vine Security

Iron Vine Security

Washington, DC

William Geimer, President and Brent C. Duckworth, Founding Partner and Jason Figley, Founding Partner