Intersec Worldwide: The Evolution of Digital Forensics

Top 10 Digital Forensics Service Companies - 2021

According to a report titled ''Global Digital Forensics Market 2018 - 2025'', the digital forensics market will balloon to a whopping $7 billion by 2025. As more and more companies and general consumers rely on connected devices, the prospect of becoming a victim of cybercrime has increased. The same study estimates that around half of the Earth's population interact with some form of a digital device daily. As the population continues to grow and as technology becomes cheaper and more widely available, cybercrime will inevitably increase, creating renewed challenges for security practitioners. Fortunately, several emerging technologies are beginning to take shape that can help digital forensic investigators.

The ever-evolving nature of technology will inevitably create new tools that might be useful for forensic investigations. Many of these tools are only starting to take shape while others are being tested in the real world. According to the Infosec Institute, some of these emerging technologies include artificial intelligence, Li-Fi, and machine vision.

These tremendous technological shifts in data, services, and resources usage and consumption make forensic investigations more complicated than ever. Current software tools and forensics experts are already struggling to acquire evidence and to keep up-to-date with the fast-growing pace and constant updates and changes in these services and products.

Digital forensics needs to play a central role in the evolving IT space, rather than playing catch-up with industry and new technologies being introduced. It is a fact that current software tools, and also forensics experts, are struggling to keep up-to-date with recent technologies and releases, and to provide efficient and durable forensics methods and techniques. The majority of the existing tools are either not fully developed or do not yet provide full functionality for a large range of systems and devices. The systems we have mentioned in this paper will play an increasingly important role in criminal investigations and law disputes, as well as in information security. Data will be increasingly susceptible to alteration, updates, or deletion. Cloud systems and mobile devices are by nature more prone to incorrect or inappropriate digital forensics processes than separated pieces of hardware. It is becoming essential to take the lead in documenting best practices and measures to be taken to ensure the reliability and accuracy of next generation forensics processes, not only with regard to technical aspects, but also juridical and legal issues.

We present to you “Top 10 Digital Forensics Service Companies - 2021.”

    Top Digital Forensics Service Firms

  • This litigation support firm provides top-rated criminal and civil litigation support and consulting services in digital forensics, e-discovery, litigation, and trial support. The experts at Cornerstone Discovery first thoroughly understand businesses’ internal networks—where data resides or what needs to be safeguarded. The company then moves to the investigation phase, where it analyzes users’ computers, servers, mobile devices, video calling software, collaboration tools (Teams, Slack, etc.), security appliance logs, and network traffic. After finding the root cause of data misuse, the experts at Cornerstone Discovery help clients safeguard data by placing appropriate permissions and proactive monitoring. Also, organizations are provided with all the necessary pieces of evidence that will help them in the courtroom

  • Intersec Worldwide is the global leader in Digital Forensics, Incident Response and Remediation. With decades of security experience and a client list that includes many of the world’s largest public and private companies, Intersec Worldwide knows exactly how to respond quickly and effectively when called upon. Its leaders have assembled an All-Star team of the most well-known, well-respected and experienced experts to set themselves apart as the industry leader in the digital security space. Each member of the Intersec Worldwide management team has more than 20 years of experience while the security team consists of former federal agents in cybersecurity who are military trained and hold the top certifications in the industry

  • The company is all set to help clients protect their critical intangible assets and intellectual property from the heightened risk of intentional and accidental leakage related to the hyper-migration to remote working. Founded in 2005 by a nationally-recognized cybercrimes prosecutor and a decorated FBI Special Agent, Protek brings both extraordinarily high-level expertise to client matters, as well as decades of experience in the cyber and courtroom trenches. Further, the company has been designing and running digital forensics and cyber focused facilities, infrastructure, and operations since before the turn of the century

  • Crypsis


    Founded in 2015, Crypsis was built based on a shared vision of creating a more secure digital world by providing the highest quality incident response, risk management, and digital forensic services. The firm helps and protects their clients by defending against and responding to severe cybersecurity threats. Staying ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape requires elite cybersecurity expertise, global response capability, and constant innovation. These competencies comprise their core values

  • CyberEvidence


    CyberEvidence, Inc. is the computer forensics expert of choice for law enforcement, private corporations, and attorneys for full service incident response, forensic data recovery, presentation, and expert witness testimony. CyberEvidence also provides expert witness testimony, data recovery, and education services. The firm has trained and assisted some of the highest profile agencies internationally with unparalleled results, including the FBI, US Secret Service, US Department of Defense, and New Scotland Yard

  • ESI Insight

    ESI Insight

    ESI Insight is the only team client’s need to provide a complete end-to-end solution for electronically stored information. The firm’s team of Certified Examiners has the experience, expertise and equipment to assist with anything from data strategy, to identification, collections, analysis all the way through trial prep. ESI Insight’s experts apply forensically-sound best practices and employ court accepted hardware and software that will comply with any potential legal proceeding

  • Forensic Discovery

    Forensic Discovery

    Forensic Discovery is a digital forensic services firm in the legal industry that specializes in eDiscovery technologies, including computer and mobile technologies, to support and enhance early-stage legal discovery. This includes computer forensic collection, computer forensic analysis, eDiscovery technology, early case assessment with NUIX, and Expert Witness-related work. Forensic Discovery assists in nearly all aspects of computer and mobile forensics. The company has the tools and expertise to help clients and their IT teams properly execute a duty to preserve requirements. This collaboration allows the Forensic Discovery team to provide forensic data collection on a wide variety of devices and platforms. The company has made significant investments in its forensic collection tools to provide industry-leading service and expertise for its clients

  • Forensic Pursuit

    Forensic Pursuit

    Forensic Pursuit provides expert computer forensic investigation, preventative forensic, e-discovery and educational services to attorneys, businesses and individuals worldwide. Established in 2006, Forensic Pursuit has become a leader in emerging forensic technology, setting standards of excellence at every level. From Kuwait to London, Denver to Dallas, Forensic Pursuit follows strict procedures with every investigation to ensure future admissibility of evidence. All Forensic Pursuit are CHFI and EnCE certified computer forensic investigators. The firm’s team of certified digital forensic investigators is trained on the latest in digital investigations

  • R3 Digital Forensics

    R3 Digital Forensics

    R3 Digital Forensics is a full-service digital forensics firm with the expertise to quickly identify, recover, preserve and analyze relevant data to maximize investigative and evidentiary value for clients. R3 frequently provides expert reports and expert testimony on issues involving digital forensics, recovered documents, spoliation of evidence, computer hacking, data breaches and intellectual property theft. In many cases, R3's work and testimony provides key evidence that helps its clients achieve their goal

  • Resolution Video

    Resolution Video

    Resolution Video is one of the leaders in the field of multimedia forensic training and analysis. The company was founded in 2004 to provide unbiased training on the various tools available for analyzing video evidence. By remaining vendor agnostic we are able to provide a more balanced view of the tools and techniques available for enhancing and clarifying multimedia evidence. The company has the expertise and knowledge to provide training that adheres to industry standard best practices for specific turn-key product solutions