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Top 10 Digital Forensics Services Companies - 2022

The digital forensic community has been around for decades (remember when it was simply called ‘Computer Forensics’?). Unlike many tech fields where processes can become simpler and more streamlined, Mobile tech and cloud storage has brought on more complicated and cumulative obstacles.

From the sheer number of devices a person or household maintains, to the total volume of data now stored on cell phones, cloud locations, and network-attached storage devices, quantity has become a major hurdle. Digital forensics examiners must be taught how to examine digital devices with such large volumes with efficiency and an ability to meet client needs under short deadlines.

As digital crimes continue to rise, the need for digital forensics also increases. Digital forensics is the scientific examination and analysis of data held on or retrieved from, computer storage media in such a way that the information can be used as evidence in a court of law. Digital forensics as a discipline faces several challenges, both industrial and research ones:

Evidently, forensics data visualization as the visual interpretation of high-dimensional, high-volume data is particularly appropriate for obtaining an overall view of a data set and locating important aspects within it. The main advantages of visualizations include: increased situational awareness; combination of data coming from heterogeneous resources and accommodation of different views that allow users to quickly switch among them and get different perspectives of the data. Some disadvantages on the other hand can be interfaces with too much clutter that may confuse the operator; rendering delays of views incorporating large amounts of data and worse, misleading operators that can result in wrong assumptions.

In conclusion, visualizations are the single easiest way for the human brain to interpret information. By leveraging data visualizations more in a digital evidence investigation workflow, investigators can be able to discover more and new information that they might otherwise have missed and get to the key evidence in a much more efficient manner suitable for growing data volumes. Innovative visualisation techniques like time-based analysis and preconfigured data views according to the currently investigated security incident would provide a great push to both active (live) and post-mortem digital forensics analysis.

We present to you, “Top 10 Digital Forensics Services Companies – 2022.”

    Digital forensics Services Companies

  • Founded as a boutique firm in 2013, Digital4nx Group, Ltd. (Digital4nx) offers digital litigation support services, including digital forensic investigations and cyber security services. The firm’s expert forensic examiners hold decades of experience in helping all sized companies and litigation attorneys recover deleted files, text messages, web-based artifacts, and other electronic evidence used to reconstruct the timeline, analyze, and interpret relevant data from most systems or mobile devices. On the proactive side, Digital4nx offers its cyber security services like Advanced Ethical Hacking and Information Security Policy consulting and Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA). The company provides clients with a comprehensive review of their internal and external or wireless networks, the web applications they built and/or use.

  • Forensic Discovery, a technology services firm specializing in digital forensics, provides state-of-the-art mobile device forensics services that address the challenges associated with mobile devices collection and discovery today. Forensic Discovery is a leader in the US in consultative remote mobile device collection and expert forensic services for corporations and attorneys.

  • Protek International provides top-quality digital forensics services to its clients. The company's deep expertise and in-the-cyber-trenches experience are rivaled by very few in the market and surpassed by none. Throughout Protek’s continuous push to deliver excellence to its clients, the most critical ingredient is its people. With decades of cyber training and experience, they know full well how to look out for their clients’ best interests by paying attention to details that get less experienced examiners into trouble when it comes time to testify. And when things get heated in court, they don’t, expertly delivering facts and opinions in relatable terms that connect with a jury or judge.



    Arete is a leader in the cyber incident response business, having worked on thousands of matters since our inception in 2016. When clients engage Arete, they gain access to the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals — anywhere in the world — within hours.



    Cornerstone Discovery's diverse organization is committed to seamlessly enhancing any litigation team. They lift the burden of technology and help client utilize modern innovation in order to be most effective in today’s courtroom. The company is also dedicated to applying the most current trends, developing progressive strategies and understanding the latest standards.



    Crypsis has deeply rooted reputation for delivering industry-leading threat intelligence. Moreover, they have expanded scope to provide state-of-the-art incident response and cyber risk management services.



    CyberEvidence provides expert witness testimony, data recovery, and education services. When law firms and companies need Computer Forensics in the Houston area or around the world they turn to CyberEvidence. The company has been able to track and recover millions in corporate dollars and has trained thousands of the world’s elite investigators.



    Forensic Pursuit follows strict procedures with every investigation to ensure future admissibility of evidence. All Forensic Pursuit are CHFI and EnCE certified computer forensic investigators.

  • Intersec Worldwide

    Intersec Worldwide

    Intersec Worldwide can accurately & efficiently assess & remediate your potential security vulnerabilities, & keep your security project on budget. Their Executive team of consultants are some of the most well-known, well-respected, & in demand IT security experts in the industry. They are also responsible for mentoring & cultivating many of the leading security consultants working in the field today. Intersec executives have headed remediation projects at the largest merchants and other fortune 100 entities.



    R3 Digital Forensics operattes with the expertise to quickly identify, recover, preserve and analyze relevant data to maximize investigative and evidentiary value for our clients.