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Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Companies - 2019

There has been a continuous evolution in the IT world when it comes to cloud-based applications and deployments. The latest round of cloud computing forecasts by leading IT companies and market research firms all show how rapidly cloud is, and will be, adopted in coming years. Content is more distributed than ever, and forensics investigations will not only involve a single isolated piece of hardware, as it used to be, but rather a set of logical and physical entities, using a wide range of unceasingly changing technologies and devices. These tremendous technological shifts in data, services, and resources usage and consumption make forensic investigations more complicated than ever.

Another huge challenge for forensic investigators in these setups and environments is to obtain evidence using forensically acceptable methods so the evidence can be admitted according to the law in the trial. The forensics investigator should also be aware that laws might vary across borders—in the case of dealing with the cloud. Evidence admissibility requires a lawful search and the strict adherence to chain of custody rules including evidence collection, preservation, analysis, and reporting. The process of acquiring the data is indeed often more scrutinized than the actual evidence recovered for a criminal investigation.

It is hugely important for the forensics toolkits developer, as well as the forensics investigator, to develop and update their understanding of the way these new systems and components work, the features they possess, in addition to the appropriate methods and tasks to perform while dealing with them on a forensic basis. And thus, to help business providers select the best, most promising digital forensics solution, Enterprise Security Magazine, in conjunction with a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, and our very own editorial board, have assessed and shortlisted companies who offer pioneering technology solutions in the digital forensics industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

We present to you, our “Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Digital Forensics Solution Companies

  • A strategic consulting, technology, and expert services firm that provides innovative solutions for law firms and corporations around litigation, investigations, and cybersecurity challenges. The company has a bench of experts in data analytics and security, digital forensics, and traditional eDiscovery needs. By leveraging their experienced team of programming and database consultants, the company verifies and validates massive amounts of data to provide the resource necessary to derive the best possible results for its clients

  • Having acquaintance of the hurdles that come before the investigators, the forensic solution from OpenText, OpenText EnCase Forensic is designed to empower examiners to decrypt evidence from a large number of devices with unmatched precision and includes a lot of features for in-depth forensic analysis. Besides enabling investigators to operate with speed, this solution offers customizable templates to build easy to read professional reports. It also provides extensibility and allows investigators to recover a deleted or modified file by examining Volume Shadow Snapshot (VSS)

  • Functions as part of the client's team to recommend and design a flexible solution within a single platform to help them find and review most relevant documents faster, resulting in workflow efficiency which transfers to lower costs. It provides access to the most powerful and fully integrated processing, review and analytics platforms available today. QDiscovery is led by an experienced and passionate team of professionals whose careers have been dedicated to eDiscovery and legal process outsourcing

  • Arsenal Recon

    Arsenal Recon

    Offers digital forensics tools that make use of electronic evidence. The company brings to the table Registry Recon, Hibernation Recon, and Arsenal Image Mounter. The company has developed powerful new methods to parse Registry data so that Registries that have existed on a Windows system can be rebuilt. Besides that they provide unique insight into how Registry data has changed over time. Registry Recon provides access to high volume of Registry data that have been deleted

  • Atola Technology

    Atola Technology

    A leading developer of hardware-based evidence acquisition tools aiming global digital forensic markets. Established in 2003, the company’s research & development team has been committed to producing user-friendly and flexible data recovery solutions. Driven by the needs of their customers, Atola brings their expertise in data recovery and deliver efficient forensic tools. The firm’s clientele include state and federal agencies as well as municipal and provincial units. Besides that, their private sector customers range from Fortune 500 corporations to small-scale businesses

  • Belkasoft


    Global leader in digital forensics technology. The company focuses on developing technologically advanced yet easy-to-use products for investigators and forensic experts. The company was founded in the year 2002. With a dedicated team who are experts in digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering, the company is successful in creating technologically advanced and easy-to-use products for investigators and forensic experts to make their work easier, seamless, faster, as well as effective

  • Forensic Computers, Inc.

    Forensic Computers, Inc.

    Since its inception, Forensic Computers, Inc. has been instrumental in providing best solutions to its clients in terms of forensic hardware, software, and workstations. It is a veteran owned enterprise run by retired computer crime investigators. The company offers a wide range of forensic hardware namely Tableau, CRU, and others. It also provides forensic software such as write protection kits, and training. The forensic workstations are carefully designed for analyzing and acquiring digital evidence. Forensic Computers Inc. answers to all forensic needs and support including dead hard drive recovery and forensic services. The company partners with several hardware and software manufacturers to seamlessly provide compatible solutions to its clients



    Fronteo has a service-oriented perspective in developing leading-edge technology and market best services providing great value to clients, employees, consumers, and stakeholders. It specializes in Big Data, AI, Information Governance, Managed Review, and Litigation Consulting for the eDiscovery market. The company partners with AM Law 200 law firms, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Its solutions center on collections, processing, forensic investigation, hosted review, and production. Fronteo has its unique AI technology KIBIT™ to proactively and predictively assess fraud, data leakage and pre-crime events along with e-Discovery and a deep understanding of data

  • Logicube


    The 1993 founded company has proven its mettle as being one of the leaders in hard drive data acquisition and computer forensics technologies. It is one of the oldest providers of hard drive duplication and forensic acquisition hardware in the landscape. The company offers a plethora of products including handheld one-to-one devices up to production-class systems for multi-target hard drive cloning. These ensure drive upgrades, O/S upgrades, software installation and new PC installations at a departmental or company-wide level. It also offers write-blockers, field-ready forensic imaging solutions, and network upload forensic solutions. All these offerings provide high-level authentication, advanced features and high performance, either on field or in the lab. The digital data provided by Logicube helps in providing authentic prosecution

  • Magnet Forensics

    Magnet Forensics

    Magnet Forensics has been helping law enforcement fight crime, protect assets and guard national security