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Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Companies - 2018

In the current state that the world is, cybercrimes are a dime a dozen, with new attacks coming to light every other day. Digital forensics looks at both the recovery of lost data as well as the actual investigation of the issues from the data that is found on digital devices. Several emerging digital forensics solution providers use highly sophisticated tools to track the origins of cyber attacks, with the ultimate aim of tracking the attack as it takes place or better still, preventing the attack from taking place at all.

Based on the component, type, deployment, and application, the global digital forensics market has been segmented. The type segment is further classified as computer forensics, network forensics, forensics for mobile devices and forensics for the cloud. However, due to the increasing deployment of mobile devices and the increasing popularity of the m-commerce market, the mobile device forensics sub-segment is expected to hold the largest share of the market.

In order to satisfy the demand for awareness and understanding of digital forensics, the governments organize programs that support digital forensics education worldwide. For instance, the University of Illinois in Urbana has taken the initiative to train its students in digital forensics and is expected to contribute to the growing demand for experts in this field.

One of the main factors driving the growth of the digital forensics market is the high adoption of card-based payments. With more companies migrating to the cloud every day, it only further adds to the mounting risks. Digital Forensics is the need of the hour, and with the growing use of smartphones and BYOD policies in organizations, there will be a bigger role for digital forensics to play in the coming years. As a result, in the last few years, the number of digital forensics solution companies has increased owing to the rapid increase in the number of devices being used. Many verticals have also begun to adopt Digital Forensics services as they have begun to see the benefits of the solutions.

Our distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, industry analysts, and Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board have thoroughly analyzed the industry and recognized the key players. We present to you, Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Providers–2018.”

    Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Companies

  • With over a decade of experience in the successful management of data in lawsuits, regulatory issues, and investigations by companies, government agencies and law firms, Business Intelligence Associates (BIA) is the leader in the legal information industry. BIA has developed elegant solutions to complex tasks ranging from litigation and digital forensics to the most advanced analytical and evaluation platforms in the industry such as TotalDiscovery and DiscoveryBOT. The company’s professional services teams offer affordable, defensible, and integrated solutions to the whole litigation and regulatory cycle from initial identifiers and collections through examination, production, and presentation. Together with excellent customer service, the company strives to offer the most defensible and economic solution.

  • FireEye, a leading digital forensics provider, eliminates the impact of cyber attacks on real individuals. This inspires them to protect companies against the effects and consequences of cyber attacks. Their knowledge of the threat landscape in real time ensures the best way of protection to their customers. The team is continually guided by its leading expertise in the development of the solutions, the provision of threat intelligence, and the preparation of services, reaction, and infringement prevention. Product teams comprising leading threat expertise of the world-class AD their frontline experts who adopt the solutions or the products developed the FireEye Innovation Cycle. With this innovation cycle, they create a seamless, demand expanded customer security platform–the most efficient cyber defense platform.

  • Precision Digital Forensics is a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) that offers high-quality forensic data collection and processing services for research, litigation, e-Discovery, and cyber-space projects. The company also assists enterprises in managing digital, physical, and electronic evidence, navigating the challenges of the accreditation of a digital forensics program. They have demonstrated that they are able to solve critical and complex challenges for the management, processing, and analysis of digital evidence and electronic information. With excellent knowledge and technical expertise, the company enables defensible digital evidence and quality deliverables to be identified and preserved. PDFI's digital forensic services are designed to collect, preserve, store, analyze, and report targeted electronically stored data.

  • Probity Inc. offers digital forensics solutions with a highly customer-focused business. Probity is a certified 8(a) system engineering and software development business providing government and national defense-related companies with software development, system integration, and system engineering. Probity is specialized in different areas such as enterprise scaling, media use, large-scale data exploitation, and business search capabilities. The company also offers the expertise of business grade controlled interfaces, MLS systems, and other cross-domain solutions. Probity aims to provide the Intelligence Community (IC) and Homeland Defense with professional IT solutions. These are not technology snobs, systems without management of the program, O&M, management of configuration, networking, testing, and development.

  • QDiscovery, a leading solutions provider in the field of digital forensics, strives to understand the issues of forensics, eDiscovery, and case strategy. It is the function of a customer's team to recommend a flexible solution and to design it within a single platform so that they find the most relevant documents and review them more quickly and thus make the workflow more cost-effective. With the belief that analysis should be taken into account in each case, the analysis workflows have been designed to include analytics for companies to use them and plan their business strategy. QDiscovery is led by a team of experienced and passionate professionals who have a career in eDiscovery and outsourcing of legal processes. The company’s management team promotes a unique corporate culture, focusing on customer service, integrity and customer transparency.

  • AccessData


    For more than 30 years, AccessData has been a pioneer in digital forensics and legal aid. Over time, the company has expanded to offer solutions which are both independent and enterprise-class and which can work together in synergy to facilitate both criminal and civil investigations, including digital forensics, incidents, law review, compliance, auditing, and information assurance. AccessData’s software solutions and its leading digital investigation products and service are used by over 130,000 customers in law enforcement, government agencies, businesses and law firms around the world. The firm helps law enforcement agencies, government agencies, law firms, and companies from around the world with cutting-edge digital forensics solutions, responding to incidents, legal revisions, conformity, and auditing. The company's groundbreaking solutions provide faster results, better insights, and greater connectivity.

  • Atola Technology

    Atola Technology

    Atola Technology develops hardware-based data acquisitions tools for global forensic digital markets. The R&D team is committed to providing user-friendly and flexible data recovery solutions. Driven by customers, they deliver highly effective forensic digital tools with their expertise in data retrieval to provide rapid forensic imaging and sorting of data storage devices, recovery of data from damaged appliances, unique device diagnostics, and disk e-recycling capabilities. The company's customers range from Fortune 500 businesses to small enterprises, ranging from government and federal agencies as well as municipal and provincial entities. Atola products have one year's subscription as complimentary. Atola TaskForce, Atola’s new tool is used for the acquisition of forensic evidence that can work with both good and harmed media to achieve the highest imaging speed on healthy drives.

  • IntaForensics


    IntaForensics provides law enforcement and commercial organizations with unique digital forensic services. Professional practices are maintained to ensure effective and ethical forensic services and to maximize technological applications and innovation possibilities; forensic services are proactively directed to address a company’s requirements and ensure that their expectations are achieved. The company’s team comprises of national safety analysts who handle hundreds of cases a month. Professional practices are maintained with the goal of guaranteeing effective and ethical forensic services and maximizing technological and innovative applications; forensic services are proactively designed to ensure that customer needs and requirements are met.

  • Logicube


    Logicube is a global leader in capturing hard drive data and providing digital technology forensics. The company offers a wide range of hardware-based high-speed solution solutions. Logicube’s product range of duplication includes one-to-one handheld devices to multi-target hard disco cloning production-class systems. These feature-rich solutions enable drive upgrades, O/S upgrades, installation of software and new PC installations at departmental or enterprise-wide levels. Their family of digital forensics products includes writing blockers, forensic imaging solutions in the field and forensic network upload solutions. These devices offer digital forensic investigators with the maximum level of advanced features, authentication, and high performance either on-scene or in the lab. Forensic specialists at Logicube are looking for the cutting-edge tools necessary to collect digital evidence in order to prosecute successfully.

  • R3 Digital Forensics

    R3 Digital Forensics

    R3 Digital Forensics is a comprehensive digital forensics company, specialized in quickly identifying, recovering, retaining, and analyzing relevant information to maximize research and data valuation. A team of former law enforcement professionals, as well as the former United States assistant attorney, e-discovery and cyber law expert, are part of R3's team. The R3 team has decades of experience examining and reporting on digital evidence. R3’s professional forensics experts have provided expert testimony in federal and state courts across Texas. R3 has been appointed as special masters for digital forensics and e-discovery matters by the state as well as federal courts.